IMPORTANT: Please read the following information prior to accessing the instructions on battery removal linked below.

The page linked below contains instructions regarding removal of batteries required for compliance with EU Directive 2006/66/EC as amended.

The instructions linked below describe batteries that should not be removed by a customer. If a battery may be safely removed by a customer, instructions for removal are provided with the product or in the online user guide.

Do not attempt to remove the battery as described on the page linked below unless you are a qualified professional. These instructions are for use only by qualified professionals who have an understanding of the risks involved in handling batteries and skill in safely managing those risks independently. These instructions provide information on the location of the battery and the product enclosure to allow a qualified professional to find and remove the battery. These instructions do not describe all the steps, risks, and precautions that should be considered for safe handling of the described battery. If you are uncertain regarding safe battery removal and handling, you should not attempt to remove the battery. As a general precaution, it is recommended to operate the product containing the battery until the product no longer functions prior to attempting to remove the battery. Note that some charge may remain even if the product is no longer functioning.

Accessing and handling the battery may present a risk of fire or chemical burn. Unlike batteries intended to be handled by customers, the batteries described on the page linked below may have an enclosure that may be more easily punctured or damaged than a battery intended for handling by customers.

The battery is not replaceable by a customer or a professional service provider unless the instructions linked below expressly described it as replaceable. Providing these instructions does not expressly or implicitly modify in any way the warranty that came with the product.

You must dispose of any battery you remove in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

By clicking this link, you represent you are a professional qualified to access and remove these batteries.